Lot 1379, Commonwealth Collection in seven albums to 1953, sold for C$2,574

Lot 1379, Commonwealth Collection in seven albums to 1953, sold for C$2,574Lot 1379 British Commonwealth Mint and Used Collection in seven albums to 1953, an old time collection on quadrille pages with strength in the George VI reign. The collection is often parallel with mint and used copies present. For some stamps, blocks or additional mint or used copies are also present. A major feature of this collection is attention to printing varieties, watermarks and watermark positions; these have been carefully annotated by the collector. We noted the exceptional fresh colours of the mint stamps all through the collection. Coverage varies from one colony to the other. We noted better coverage of British Honduras, Gibraltar, Hong Kong and South-West Africa among others. New Zealand is well represented with mostly used stamps. No Canada, Australia (the former Australian states are represented) or India. An exceptional collection that merits close inspection. Estimate $1,200, sold for C$2,200.00 plus 17% buyer’s premium.

Lot 1466, British Commonwealth collection in two volumes, sold for C$5,520

Lot 1466, British Commonwealth collection in two volumes, sold for C$5,520Lot 1466 Lovely Old Time British Commonwealth Collection in Two Volume New Imperial Albums, with a mix of mint and used from early classics to about 1936. Most of the countries appear to be present, except for missing Canada and GB. An above average collection with too many better items to list, but we note Antigua to the 3sh (mint), Australia #11 (used), Burma #O14 (used, $240), Cape of Good Hope with 9 triangles plus two fakes, good early Ceylon, Gibraltar #74 (mint $110), useful Hong Kong with 90 stamps, Mauritius #17 (used), lots of India and States, Australia and States including a New South Wales #B1 (used), South Australia #53e (mint, $190) and much more. Many stamps or sets cataloguing up to $100, and many more up to $50, we noted a good quantity of better postmarks throughout. The quality is average to better than usual, and we invite you to view our many representative scans online, or better yet view it in person to better appreciate the value. Estimate $1,500, sold for C$4,800.00 plus 15% buyer’s premium.

Lot 627, Hong Kong 1938 mint set with curved SPECIMEN

Lot 627 Hong Kong #154S-168S, J6S/J10S, 1938 1c to $10 KGVI Original Set with Curved SPECIMEN Perforation, with thirteen values, mint never hinged and fresh, mostly very fine centered. The $10 has trivial and light toning on its gum. The S.G. catalogue value given is for the full set of 23 (which includes three newer values and many colour changes). As regular stamps, these represent about 55% of the value. Also includes four postage due values, which represent about 40% of the S.G. value of £475 for a full set of seven (these not included in the S.G. value given to this lot). S.G. CV £2,750.