Lot 338 — Canada 1915 Five cent blue Admiral War Tax overprint, MNH, sold for $1150

Lot 338Lot 338 Canada #MR2Bi 1915 5c Admiral War Tax Overprinted INLAND REVENUE WAR TAX, mint never hinged with deep colour, very fine. Unitrade $900, sold for $1,000 plus buyer’s premium.

The previous lot with a very similar stamp, colour perhaps not as deep, but Ex. Lum and accompanied by a 2013 Richard Gratton AIEP certificate, sold for $604.

Lot 118 — Canada 1899 Five cent Numeral Mint Never Hinged, realized $1610

A flawless example of a difficult-to-find stamp, selling well over catalogue for what is likely a record price:
Canada #79 Mint NHLot 118 Canada #79 1899 5c blue on bluish paper Numeral Issue, exceptionally well centered within four oversized margins, lovely fresh colour and with immaculate never hinged gum, an extremely fine gem. Apart from the 20c high value, the 5c is probably the most challenging value to locate in this lovely quality. Unitrade CV$900, Sold for $1,400 plus premium.

Lot 242 — Canada #91b Five Cent Edward Blue on White, Realized $1265

This realization is even more remarkable for the fact that a similar stamp described as ‘superb’ sold for $500 in a major public auction in New York two days later. Ours was on white paper and theirs on blue. White is a bit scarcer, and while we didn’t say ‘superb,’ the one in our sale is better-centered.

Canada #91bLot 242, Canada #91b 1903 5c blue on white paper King Edward, mint never hinged, fresh and very fine. Unitrade CV$1400. $1100 hammer.

Lots 327 to 337 — 1915 5c blue Admiral War Tax

Eleven lots from one consignment feature the 1915 5c blue Admiral War Tax in various ways from singles and covers, to blocks of ten and sixteen.

Canada #MR2Bi block of sixteen

Lot 328 Canada #MR2Bi 1915 5c blue Admiral War Tax. Mint, fresh, never hinged block of 16 (4 x 4), from bottom of sheet. Catalogued as 6 x very fine, 3 x fine-very fine and 7 x fine. Unitrade CV$11,125.

Canada #MR2Bi on cover with two cent carmine

Lot 335 Canada #MR2Bi 1915 5c blue Admiral War Tax on Registered Cover. Mailed Toronto Sub Office 116 on MAR.06.1916. Also 2c Carmine War Tax paying a 7c rate to Toronto. Very fine. Unitrade CV$500