Lot 1233, Great Britain Offices Abroad, dealer stock filling red box, sold for C$555

Lot 1233, Great Britain Offices Abroad, dealer stock filling red box, sold for C$555Lot 1233 Great Britain Offices Abroad Dealer Stock filling a red box, with each stamp or set in a 102 card, meticulously identified and sorted as per Scott catalogue number, with dealer’s asking price, often in the $20 range. We note M.E.F., Eritrea, E.A.F., Somalia, Tripolitania, Somalia, China, Morocco, Spanish Zone, British Zone, French Zone, Tangier and Turkish Empire. A clean stock, ideal for the show dealer or specialist, see photos for an overview. Estimate $200, sold for C$475.00 plus 17% buyer’s premium.

Lot 1970, Italian Colonies mint and used collection, sold for C$1,404

Lot 1970 Italian Colonies Mint and Used CollectionLot 1970 Italian Colonies Mint and Used Collection, with a very nice mainly mint collection of Eritrea, Somalia, Cyrenaica and Libya on Scott and Minkus pages. Somalia is noteworthy with good showing of the high value Elephant and Lion set with various overprints, the complete Manzoni Set of 1924 (Scott# 61-66 MH CV $465), the complete Italy definitives of 1926-30 (Scott # 83-96 MH CV $416), Victor Emmanuel 1,25lira (Scott # 69a, perf 11 MH CV $800), 1929 Monte Casino complete set used (Scott # 101-110 CV $180), St Anthony of Padua complete set, used (Scott #129-135 CV $131), Duke of Abbruzzi complete set (Scott #156-163 MH CV $128), the almost complete semi-postals including the Victor-Emmanuel set (Scott B38-51 MH CV $279) and complete air post Scott #C1-16 MH and used CV $199), Eritrea is also very well represented, we noted Scott #32 MH CV $175 and the almost complete semi-postals among much else of interest. Stamps and sets from Libya, Cyrenaica and Oltre Giuba complete this lot. Very fine throughout, see our scans online. ex-Jack Gray Collection. Estimate $800, sold for C$1,200.00 plus 17% buyer’s premium.