Lot 1379, Commonwealth Collection in seven albums to 1953, sold for C$2,574

Lot 1379, Commonwealth Collection in seven albums to 1953, sold for C$2,574Lot 1379 British Commonwealth Mint and Used Collection in seven albums to 1953, an old time collection on quadrille pages with strength in the George VI reign. The collection is often parallel with mint and used copies present. For some stamps, blocks or additional mint or used copies are also present. A major feature of this collection is attention to printing varieties, watermarks and watermark positions; these have been carefully annotated by the collector. We noted the exceptional fresh colours of the mint stamps all through the collection. Coverage varies from one colony to the other. We noted better coverage of British Honduras, Gibraltar, Hong Kong and South-West Africa among others. New Zealand is well represented with mostly used stamps. No Canada, Australia (the former Australian states are represented) or India. An exceptional collection that merits close inspection. Estimate $1,200, sold for C$2,200.00 plus 17% buyer’s premium.

Lot 391, British Columbia 1867 25c surcharge on three pence orange, used

Lot 391Lot 391 British Columbia and Vancouver Island #11 1867 25c on 3d orange Surcharged Heraldic, Perforated 14, used with rare “A06” in grid cancel from British Honduras (Belize City) usually found on GB stamps. Fresh stamp, with bright colour and only a light vertical crease at right, possibly caused by the postmarking device, still probably unique and very fine. Estimate $500.