Lot 323, Canada 1898 Map Stamp imperf pair with light blue oceans, sold for C$1,725

Lot 323 Canada 1898 Two Cent Map Stamp Plate 4 Horizontal Imperforate Pair, unused (no gum) from plate positions 3-4, with light blue oceans, being one of only three pairs known in this colour from this unissued plate, this being the unique imprint pair. Other imperforates are known from this plate but have dark blue oceans. A very fine and rare item for the advanced Map Stamp collection. Illustrated on the cover of Boisclair & Kershaw, ex. Bradley and Boisclair. From the Robert Lunn Map Stamp Collection. Rsv. Estimate $2,000, sold for C$1,500.00 plus 15% buyer’s premium.

Plating The Canadian Xmas Map Stamp of 1898 Vol IV. Positions 1-100, Plate 4, ©2004, by Roger Boisclair & Kenneth A. Kershaw

Lot 314, Canada 1898 two cent Map die proof in black

Lot 314, Canada 1898 two cent Map die proof in blackLot 314 Canada 1898 2c Imperial Penny Postage Map Die Proof in Black, printed on thin card, from the accepted black engraving (die F-139½). Very fine and rare. Accompanied by a 2007 Greene Foundation certificate. From the Robert Lunn Map Stamp Collection, Ex. Winmill, Boisclair, Fawn. Rsv. Estimate C$2,500.