Sold for $264 — Lot 1172, Canada #67

1897 1¢ blue green Leaf A lovely mint stamp possessing all attributes a collector would want, starting with exceptional centering within oversized margins, deep rich colour as fresh as the day it was printed and full unblemished never hinged gum. An extremely fine stamp worthy of the finest collection.

This stamp catalogues C$180 in Unitrade, and US$70 in Scott. A very desirable stamp, as the realization demonstrates.

Sold for $8050 — Lot 1057, Canada #25a strip of three

1868 3¢ red Large Queen on watermarked Bothwell paper, mint strip of 3, showing "CLUT" portion of watermark, right pair has original gum with right hand stamp being never hinged, left stamp is unused no gum with a tear at top and has been rejoined to the pair to reunite it as a strip of 3, fine and a tremendously rare multiple. Mint examples of watermarked Large Queens are rare, any multiples of the watermarked Large Queens are scarce to rare, but this mint strip of 3 of the 3¢ with watermark is believed to be unique and the largest multiple for this value. Accompanied by 2004 Greene Foundation certificate. Catalogued as 3 singles (1 no gum, 1 o.g. and 1 NH).

A very good price.