Lot 810, Zanzibar #16b

Zanzibar #16b, 1895 3r green and brown Victoria with inverted "r" in "Zanzibar" overprint, attractive and well centered with full Zanzibar cds cancel dated 10.JA.96. There are a few shorter perfs at top which are mentioned for accuracy only and which are not mentioned in the accompanying 1995 Royal Philatelic Society of London certificate ("used is genuine"). This is one of the rarest major errors of Zanzibar, with only a few examples recorded, and even rarer in used condition (we do not recall seeing another used example). A lovely showpiece for the serious British Africa collector (SG 20k £4,750 = $9,500). Scott CV $5250

Lot 750, Cape of Good Hope #179

Cape of Good Hope 1900 3d deep blue on blue paper General Baden-Powell, small size, unused no gum with rich colour, fine. A lovely example of this elusive mint stamp, printed during the siege of Mafeking. One of very few stamps produced and printed completely through photographic process. The lack of gum has actually preserved the overall freshness of this stamp and the rich colour. Scott CV $1400

Lot 736, Tasmania #AR20R

Tasmania #AR20R, 1889 printing of 1863 2sh6d postal fiscal perf 11½ on gummed card stock with official REPRINT, block of 60 showing many misalignments of the cliche – note especially down the right margins. Very scarce in a large multiple, missing part of selvedge. Basic stamp without reprint has a CV of $650, totaling $39,000, never hinged, very fine (if very fine is possible with no margins). Est $550. See also Lots 737 (#AR22R) and 738 (#AR26R)

Lot 716, Great Britain #96a, 108, 109b

1883, 1884 Great Britain 2sh6d, 5sh, 10sh Queen Victoria with Specimen overprint, stuck on card, the 2sh6d and 10sh on bluish paper. 2sh6p with horizontal crease, spots of toning on all stamps especially along the perfs. Scott CV for regular stamps without overprint is $45,950. Est $500