Sale #2 Summary

Sparks Auction #2 on June 6-7th, 2008 built on the success of our inaugural sale, with even more bidders and many exceptional realizations. The auction floor in Ottawa saw strong action from local bidders and agents, and again the advantages of international bidding were in evidence, with 160 internet bidders contributing to some good bidding wars and notable prices.

Three items merit special attention:

• A key set of our South West Africa section, Lot 210, the South Africa Forerunners, Scott 1-16 in blocks of four (missing #12) used in South West Africa, and which catalogues $1942, sold for $4600 including buyer’s premium,

• Lot 1453, the Amherst NS precancel (#1-110) on 4¢ bistre Admiral has not been offered in perhaps 10 years, and is missing from most collections. Despite a trivial thin on the back, and not being well-centered, our example sold for $4830 including premium. We are told that this is likely a record price for a single Canadian pre-cancel,

• A postal history collection of early Halifax, neatly written up on album pages, was estimated by us at $1500. Lot 1502 was pursued by multiple telephone bidders when the bidding opened at $2400. Bidding progressed until we were finally able to sell the lot for a final price of $10,350 with premium.

Other strong prices were seen on the South West Africa Pictorial Issue (Sc. #108-120), and Vatican City #33a used. In Canada, the 3¢ Large Queen watermarked mint strip of three, mint 1¢ blue-green Leaf issue, 5¢ numeral on bluish paper, and 10¢ pale lilac Edward all did well. In the Admirals, the mint 4¢ yellow ochre in the dry printing, mint 10¢ plum, and #MR7 all reached prices near or in excess of their catalogue values. Mint NH dollar values of Parliament and Mount Edith Cavell were notably strong, as was an unused Newfoundland #2. Postal history and postcards were very popular, with large cartons selling for three times the estimate in some cases.

We will feature these and more in separate illustrated entries in the coming weeks, so be sure to check back here each day.

Post Auction Followup

Lot organization and invoicing are mostly complete. We expect to ship nearly every paid invoice by the end of business on Friday, with the exception of the bulkier items that need to be picked up at our offices by the carrier. These larger items will go out Monday.

If you have not heard from us about your invoice by Saturday, you may need to contact us with updated information.

Invoicing & Shipping for Auction #2

We are working hard to organize and prepare all of the lots from this auction. Some invoices have been sent where the shipping charge was straightforward, but we need to check weights etc. for bulkier lots. We hope to begin shipping on Thursday for many customers. If you have not heard from us either by e-mail or telephone by late afternoon Wednesday, June 10th, please contact us.

Prices Realized have been updated at StampAuctionNetwork (link at right) to accurately reflect the final totals.

Auction #2 Complete

We have finished calling Sessions 5 and 6 today. The number of lots we attempted in the scheduled time was perhaps more ambitious than the speed of bidding allows, and we thank all of our bidders (in person, on the telephone, and on the net) for their patience as we completed yesterday’s bidding after 11:30pm and today’s sessions at 9pm. The results, however, were very satisfying and we will be detailing some of the better realizations in the coming days.

Winning bidders should allow us some time on Monday to organize lots and prepare for shipping. For the moment, prices realized on Stamp Auction Network (link on the right) will give you a good idea of how you fared in the sale. We will contact you with your results either by e-mail or telephone as we organize the mailing. Local Ottawa pick-ups should wait at least until Tuesday, and call us to make sure we have your material ready.

Thanks to all of our bidders for a very successful auction!