Canada $1 Destroyer (Scott #262) Postal History

While Ian was teaching a course at the 2008 American Philatelic Society Summer Seminar he was asked his advice on a one frame exhibit of the postal history of the 1942 One Dollar Destroyer (lot 1049 shown).  This had been given to the Society to help fund their activities.  The result was an interesting consignment to Sparks Auctions and we will donate our commission to the APS (lots 1042-1057). 

Canada #270var, Lot 664

Another discovery came in a lot offered as postage.  Many of the stamps had some disturbed gum and while counting the face value, our lotter noticed something quite spectacular.  The plate block of the 1946 Peace Issue is imperforate at left.  This discovery example is now the most important item in a Peace Issue stamp collection. Only discovered after 62 years, it almost certainly unique and joins two similar errors issued in 1942 and 1950 on the "impossible" list (lot 664).

We wish all of our customers around the world a Merry Christmas!

Hong Kong #209d (SG), Lot 124

One of the joys of working with stamps and describing them is the discovery of a treasure.  While describing a strong collection of Hong Kong, one of our lotters noticed a variety on a Queen Elizabeth stamp. Issued in 1973 on glazed paper, the ten dollar value of the definitive series is a variety not listed in the major North American catalogues.  In the Stanley Gibbons catalogue it is #209d with a catalogue value of £2,250.  The result is that a buyer is going to acquire a rare and elusive stamp and the seller will be very happy (lot 124).

We would like to wish a Happy Hanukkah to our customers who are beginning to celebrating the Festival of Lights.

Lithuania #N47, Lot 342

A joy of being in the auction business is the opportunity to see and study collections in greater detail than is normally possible.  One of the collections which provided this pleasure was of Lithuania.  This multi-volume collection had mint and used stamps, errors and varieties galore and several volumes of postal history.  Because there is less demand for the stamps of this fascinating Baltic country the errors and rarities are relatively much more affordable. This auction will present an opportunity to obtain them. An example is Lot 342, pictured above.