The Auction Begins Today

The six sessions of our inaugural auction begin today with Canada and B.N.A., and continue tomorrow with Commonwealth and Worldwide, then on Saturday with Postal History and Collections (see the schedule on our viewing link in the right sidebar). Advance bidding has been steady and we look forward to an active floor and strong internet bids.

Some important notes:

  • Opening Bids are updated live at Stamp Auction Network (click on the button for Openings at the top of our auction).
  • If you want to bid on-line, allow time for your registration to be approved. At least 24 hours is advisable while the auction sessions are proceeding. For speediest confirmation, provide your credit card information. You can call us or fax it to the numbers above, or even e-mail it (use two messages if you want extra security while in transit).
  • International bidders following the sale on-line should note that we are in the Eastern Standard time zone (North America), GMT -0500. It will be 6pm in London, England when our 1pm session begins today, etc.

We wish all of our bidders (and consignors!) the best of luck in a sale that is shaping up to be quite remarkable.

Featured Item #16

Lot #139 Canada #45a – Queen Victoria – 10¢ Dull Rose. Extremely well centered strip of four with tidy "Toronto MR5/94" cds cancels and wonderful colour. Top quality item. Unitrade:$240

Ian says: "Because the Small Queens were perforated using line perforation machines it is unusual to find a multiple with consistently very fine centering. This strip of four with its deep colour, attractive circular date stamp postmarks and overall quality made an immediate ‘wow’ impression. This visually spectacular strip is made up of two pairs which have been expertly rejoined."

Featured Item #15

Lot #788 Newfoundland #212-225P – Sir Humphrey Gilbert Issue. Impressive and very interesting complete set of numbered die proofs of this 1933 issue. Printed entirely in black, the clear details are extensive. The thin, translucent paper shows the Coat of Arms watermark of the issue, uncharacteristic of most die proofs. Suitable for exhibition. Est:$6000

Ian comments: "This lot of die proofs offers a complete set of fourteen. Each has a number and is printed on thin paper with the watermark of the Newfoundland Coat of Arms. Another great Exhibition item."

Featured Item #14

Lot #77 Canada# 25P – Queen Victoria – 3¢ Red. Plate proof block of four in colour of issue on card mounted india paper.
Large margins all around. Plate proofs of the Large Queen issues are scarce and very few multiples remain. Research has failed to verify that another block of the 3¢ value exists (the Firth collection only contained a pair). Unitrade:$2400

Ian notes: "In the tenth feature below, I recounted an auctioneer’s claim. In those days it was a little more difficult to research scarce items. Also, we try to be very careful when making an assertion, hence the language ‘Research has failed to verify… etc.’ in this description. Regardless, making a claim like that is like a red flag. A long-time collector has very gently informed us that he has a block. Maybe a decade from now we will be able to offer a second block. Nevertheless, it is a rare and stunning addition to anyone’s collection (except one gentleman’s!)."

Featured Item #13

Lot #1537 France C5a – Airplane over Marseille – 1.50fr Deep Carmine – "E.I.P.A. 30" Perfin Initials. Remarkable example of this rare 1930 issue with perfin initials. The stamps were sold at the International Air Post Exhibit, held in Paris in November. We offer a very fresh item with generous, balanced margins and original never hinged gum. Accompanied by 1966 Expertisese a Brun (Paris) certificate. Sc:$3600

Ian notes: "In 1930 the International Air Post Exhibit privately perforated two airmail stamps with the initials EIPA 30. This is the scarcer of the two values and is missing in most collections."