Auction #4 Followup

Thanks to our customers both new and returning for joining us for Sparks Auction #4, we appreciate your involvement and your bids!

Telephone inquiries about auction results cannot be handled today. If you wish to determine your winnings, we suggest you check the Prices Realized on StampAuctionNetwork.

We prefer that local Ottawa area bidders start collecting their winnings next week to allow us time to prepare invoices for all bidders. Pick-ups can be made Monday-Friday, 10:00-5:00pm.

Customers who wish to pick up their material on Saturdays must make arrangements in advance to be sure we can accommodate them.

Post-auction commentary and notes on exceptional realizations will come later this week and next here at

Last Minute Advice For Auction Day

Auction # 4 begins today and is shaping up as our most active sale yet.

Opening bids can be seen at by clicking the link in the top bar for Openings. Remember that lots which are still opening for the $2 minimum may have received a bid, but not the second underbid that allows us to divulge a starting price before the sale.

The sound facility on Stamp Auction Network remains PC-only for this auction, but a platform independent solution is under development and we are hopeful that Mac users can be accommodated by the time of our next sale.

If you wish to bid and have not been approved, e-mail us or call and we will assist you.  Please read our tips for bidding at this link.

Good luck in the sale!

A Special Floor Lot

Local bidders or buyers with agents will be interested in an addition to our collections section. It is a collection in 29
2-post albums consisting of tens of thousands of stamps, with many well-filled pages. Good representation from Europe and the Americas. Includes numerous "classics" as well as stamps from the modern era. The collection is intact and as received from owner, whose stamp count is over 84,000. Est $2,900
(This lot is offered on the floor and to advance bidders only, there will be no internet live bidding. Contact us for more details.)

Lot 1139, Canada #OX2 on cover

1903 Queen Victoria Officially Sealed Stamp on bluish paper used on cover, originating from Johannesburg, Transvaal, franked by 1d. King Edward paying the letter rate to Ottawa where it was redirected to Ross Creek, Alberta. Letter has cancels from Winnipeg Dead Letter Office (JA 30 1903) Fort Saskatchewan, AB (FE 3 1903), Bruederheim, AB (MR 7 1903), Winnipeg, MB (MR 12 1903), Winnipeg Dead Letter Office (MR 22 1903), Bruederheim, AB (MR 28 1903), Ross Creek (AP 08 1903). Finally the letter was returned to Transvaal and has a Johannesburg JU 20 1903 Dead Letter Office cancel tying the Officially Sealed Stamp to the cover. Stamp has been severed in 2 pieces from opening of the letter, which is consistent with its use, otherwise the cover is actually quite nice given the extent of its travel. This is likely the most exotic known usage of OX2 and represents a lovely exhibit item. Accompanied by 2009 Richard Gratton AIEP certificate. Unitrade CV $4000