Auction #4, June 16-17 2009

We are pleased to announce that our fourth public auction will be held on June 16th & 17th.  During the lotting process, it is sometimes difficult to see the overall scope and balance of an auction offering, but when we look at the draft of the catalogue are very happy with the range and quality of items in Canada, US and many other areas that we see in the 1300 lots in this sale.

The digital files went to the printer this afternoon, we will have proofs next week, and expect to begin mailing printed catalogues the week of May 26th.  You will also be able to see the auction introduction and PDF files here on our site by the end of next week, and our Stamp Auction Network listing should be in place by then as well.

As always, we will highlight significant and interesting items on a daily basis as the auction day approaches.

Happy Victoria Day weekend to our customers here in Canada and in the UK!

-Sparks Auctions

Lot 1052, 52 volume Scott International Worldwide Collection

Some months back we went to pick up a large and heavy consignment for Sparks.  There was some Canadian mint which was primarily postage (and which was lotted separately) but the bulk by weight and value was an enormous collection in Scott International Albums.

Consignments like this present several alternatives in deciding how to break them into suitable lots, whether to catalogue the stamps, how to blend the very high retail price of the albums with the value of the stamps in the albums, and how to get the best price for the consignor.  There were some items which would have made very decent single lots.

After spending several hours looking through each album the decision was made to offer the collection intact.  It became Lot 1502, described as follows:

Scott Internationals 52 volume Worldwide Collection A lifetime worldwide collection 1840-2002 in 50 Scott Internationals, 2 Minkus Albums, and a stockbook (Russia to 1971 and Colombia, Panama) The collection is intact as received and the quantity of stamps per volume varies widely. The early classics of the 1840-1890 period are often faulty but the period best represented from George VI through earlier QEII is generally fine. Most stamps are used and most of the mint are hinged, although there are mint NH complete sets. Strongest in Canada, followed by U.S.A. and Great Britain. There are pleasant surprises scattered throughout. Inspect at least 6-10 volumes as the strength varies from volume to volume. The albums and pages are arranged by country and would cost more than our estimate if purchased new. Also included with this lot is one carton of duplicates or stamps ready to put in the albums, thousands of used glassines, the 2003 Scott International Supplement and a set of 2003 Scott catalogues. Estimate: $5000

For the background of our Lots & Collections section, we featured a digital photo of just one small part of the collection on our storage shelves.

We were pleasantly surprised with the result of $9200 including commission.

New Brunswick #5, Sir Charles Connell, Lot 864, $2875

As an auction is prepared, it can be hard to predict which material will generate attention, especially from beyond the philatelic community.  In the case of Auction #3, we were surprised and gratified to learn that lot 864, the New Brunswick Connell stamp, was earning interest from its home province and in mainstream Ottawa media as well.

An article in the Fredericton Daily Gleaner piqued the curiosity of New Brunswickers, and even local Ottawa descendents of Charles Connell himself. Local CTV news visited the auction gallery on the day of the sale to learn about the stamp.  All of the Connell material did better than expected, with the unused example attracting three advance bids of  $1600, and finally being hammered down at $2500 ($2875 with premium).  The buyer was happy to share the fact that the "stamp was coming home to Woodstock, NB."

A followup article in the Woodstock Bugle Observer has more details.

Watch our site weekly for more features on the better realizations from Sale #3.

Auction #3 Results

Despite severe low temperatures that made an ordeal of even a short walk outdoors, and a transit strike that made parking near our premises practically impossible, we completed a very successful auction last night.  The floor was smaller than usual but many local bidders used online bidding to join in the action.

We are now assembling material for 160 successful bidders.  Bidders will be receiving their invoices by e-mail today and tomorrow. In the meantime, the final Prices Realized are available via Stamp Auction Network.

Local Ottawa bidders should e-mail us to arrange pickup of their successful lots. We hope to have small items ready this weekend, and larger lots should be ready next week. Shipping for paid invoices will also begin next week.

In the coming days we will feature some of the better realizations. We thank our customers for their bids and their continued participation in Sparks Auctions.