Sold for $4600 — Lot 210, South Africa #1-16 (ForeRunners)

1913-1924 King George V Issue of South Africa, set of 14 different values (no 1sh3d issued in 1920), each in a used block of four with clear cds cancels from South West Africa, fresh and fine-very fine, 1sh value with trivial and inconsequential perf fault. Following the occupation of South West Africa by South Africa forces in 1914-1915, the stamps of South Africa were used in South West Africa until being replaced in 1923 by the overprinted issues. 13 of the blocks included in this lot are dated prior 1923 and the 3d value has a Windhoek cds dated 8.2.23, just shortly after the introduction of the overprinted stamps. The basic issues are scarce in used blocks, but with the South West African cancels, this represents a rare set of forerunners. A must have for any serious collector of South West Africa.

This lot opened at about half of our estimate. Internet bidders from South Africa and Great Britain brought the bidding to $4000.