Lot 149, Canada #75iii 1898 1¢ deep green Numeral, Realized $253

This stamp with a catalogue value of "only" $100 combined quality and rarity. Within hours of our auction being posted online (and before the catalogues were delivered from the printer) it received almost identical bids of $210 and $220 and so opened at $220. At this rarified level there were no more bids. However for several days it had the honour of having the highest level of an opening bid for the whole auction.

Canada #75iii 1898 1¢ deep green Numeral with major re-entry, well centered within large margins and with a light cds cancel this stamp shows off the major re-entry visibly throughout the lower third of the design. An exceptional item, very fine. Unitrade CV $100 Realized $253 including premium.