Admirable Admirals, Lots 254, 257 & 281

To really get a sense of the true collector’s philatelic market, it can be useful to see where multiple buyers are willing to pay well over catalogue for the best quality stamps. The following Admiral singles sold for well over their Unitrade values.

Canada #105d, 1924 1¢ orange yellow Admiral, Die II, dry printing, immaculate never hinged, very fine. Unitrade CV $75, realized $138.
Canada #106, 1911 2¢ carmine Admiral on pinkish paper, an immaculate stamp which has acquired a pinkish hue to the paper during
the printing. Accompanied by 2007 Greene Foundation certificate as normal #106. Never hinged, extremely fine. CV $90, realized $288.
Canada #115, 1925 8¢ blue Admiral, fresh, immaculate, never hinged jumbo, extremely fine in all respects. CV $150, realized $184.