Lot 85, Canada #33 3c bright red Large Queen on laid paper, unused

Canada #33 1868 3c bright red Large Queen on laid paper, unused (regummed) single possessing nice bright colour, full perforations and pleasing centering, fine. Accompanied by 2002 APS and 2010 Greene Foundation certificates (latter one pink due to regumming). This is one of Canada’s rarest stamps with fewer than ten mint or unused examples recorded to date. In fact, from all Canadian stamps with major Scott numbers, only the 1851 6d Consort on laid paper (#2) and the 1868 1c Large Queen on laid paper (#31) are known in similar small quantities. This specific stamp is likely the second finest example (only the original gum example that was in the Firth collection appears to be of a higher quality). Unitrade CV $25,000

Lot 1014, Sungei Ujong #4k, 1881 2c brown overprint with inverted S

This stamp was found by our staff, unidentified within a consignment:

Sungei Ujong #4k 1881 2c brown Victoria overprinted SUNGEI UJONG, Crown CC watermark, showing INVERTED "S" IN SUNGEI variety, mint hinged with large hinge remnant, light crease and small spot of gum missing, deep fresh colour and fine. This represents a newly discovered example of this rare type which is one of the rarest surcharged issues from the Malayan States with only a few examples having been recorded to date (SG 10a £3,750). Scott CV $4500