Lot 1247, Nova Scotia 2a cover (two stamps and bisect)

Nova Scotia #2a, 1855 3d blue Heraldic bisect on cover, franked with two single stamps and a diagonal bisect, all with full margins and nicely tied by light grid cancel to folded letter from Amherst DE 4 1855 paying the 7½d rate to Liverpool with Halifax “H” DE 6 1855 transit backstamp and Liverpool Packet letter paid “tombstone” DE 16 1855 arrival postmark in red, two pressed out vertical filing folds, one affecting the middle stamp, but still lovely and very fine. Accompanied by 2009 Greene Foundation certificate. Unitrade CV $5000

Lot 563, Canada #F2i block of eight

Canada #F2i 1875-1888 5¢ green Registration stamp, right sheet margin block of 8 with full imprint, lovely fresh colour and well centered for such a block, very fine and never hinged but with minor gum disturbance on left stamps not mentioned in accompanying 2008 Richard Gratton AIEP certificate. Catalogued as singles only with no premium for being a lovely imprint block. Unitrade CV $4800

Lot 1231, Exhibit of Henry Hechler Stationery

Canada Exhibit Collection of Henry Hechler Stationery. On pages as a one frame exhibit plus enough extras for a second frame. There is a total of 32 complete postal stationery or covers most with "Service" or "Official" overprints along with 19 items on piece including 2¢ Small Queen bisect on piece. The exhibit shows different colours, typefaces, doubled overprints. Very fine. Estimate $1000