Auction #8, June 21-23, 2011

We are happy to announce that we have chosen the dates for our eighth public auction: June 21-23rd, 2011.

The catalogue is at the printer, due back at our offices late next week for mailing. PDF files will be available here on our site on May 16th, and the gallery of additional images will be uploaded later in the week. The lots have been posted to Stamp Auction Network, and we are accepting bids.

Also on May 16th we will post the complete introduction to this, our largest sale yet. Periodically until the auction commences, we will feature stamps that we feel deserve extra attention.

A Worthwhile Interruption

We continue working aggressively on the large volume of material for Auction #8, so another story about a consignment is worth telling.

It was less than half an hour until the auction time at our November 2010 sale and I was starting to make my way downstairs to the auction gallery to begin calling the sale. As I reached the stairway, I was called over to the retail counter where there was a gentleman with a stamp album of material he was hoping to consign. He did not have an appointment so I was concerned how long it would take to politely pass him off to another staff member.

3d Beaver
Lovely three penny beaver with full margins

Despite the interruption, I took the album from him and to my delight, there was a lovely mint three penny beaver with four large margins.

The balance of the album was similar quality and was highlighted throughout with many lovely stamps.  Without seeming to rush I was able to have a contract laid out and signed and the owner quite satisfied and still make it downstairs to start calling the auction on time.

This collection is just one of many we will be featuring.

Tantalizing Quality

Our first updates have focused on the enormous quantity of stamps and collections we have received for our next auction.

It’s time to tantalize with quality.

We have many, many lovely stamps coming up for sale.

One long-term customer — a real gentleman in all respects — has had to pass on his albums because of ill-health.

When we first discussed this with him he expressed the concern that it was most important that his stamps go to collectors who would appreciate them as he has.  This was mentioned as more important than mere money.  This concern of his evokes a word more often heard in museum circles; this collector has decided to “de-acquisition” his lifetime hobby.

I could tantalize you with dozens of extremely fine single lots but will use this one which is likely not  the most valuable stamp from his collection that we will be auctioning.

6d Albert
Six pence on laid paper with orange-red postmark

We will offer a fresh, extremely fine six penny on laid paper which is immaculate in all respects and is graced by a lovely orange-red postmark.  This colour is distinct from the usual shade of red postmark which is itself quite scarce.  Different collectors have different criteria (some want Jumbo margins, for example) but in my opinion this is likely the most visually appealing used Canada number two in existence.

Stay tuned.