Lot 1178, 1890 Great Britain one pound brown violet Victoria with rare THROGMORTON AVENUE squared circle

We recommence the auction today with more postal history. The Commonwealth section features many lots of Great Britain squared circles.

Lot 1178 THROGMORTON AVENUE F / E.C. a fine and centered strike P / AU 16 / 90 on a £1 brown violet Queen Victoria stamp (tiny tear at right). When the Handbook was published, only two strikes of this office were known, one (offered elsewhere in this collection) on a £1 stamp and one on a 1sh stamp. This is a third, unrecorded example. A rare squared circle, with a rarity factor of 475. The stamp alone catalogues $4,500 in Scott, including 50% premiums for very fine centering and clear c.d.s. postmark – squared circle postmarks are quite a lot rarer on this stamp. S.G. #185,cat £2,800. Estimate $500.

Lot 526, Nova Scotia 1857 six pence dark green Heraldic, XF used with light oval grid cancel

Lot 526 Nova Scotia #5 1857 6d dark green Heraldic Imperforate, used with light oval grid cancel, with four large and even margins and bright fresh colour, extremely fine. Accompanied by a 2012 Greene Foundation certificate. A rare stamp in such nice quality. Rsv. Unitrade CV$3,000.

Lot 627, Hong Kong 1938 mint set with curved SPECIMEN

Lot 627 Hong Kong #154S-168S, J6S/J10S, 1938 1c to $10 KGVI Original Set with Curved SPECIMEN Perforation, with thirteen values, mint never hinged and fresh, mostly very fine centered. The $10 has trivial and light toning on its gum. The S.G. catalogue value given is for the full set of 23 (which includes three newer values and many colour changes). As regular stamps, these represent about 55% of the value. Also includes four postage due values, which represent about 40% of the S.G. value of £475 for a full set of seven (these not included in the S.G. value given to this lot). S.G. CV £2,750.