Lot 386, Russia 1857 10k brown and blue Coat of Arms on folded letter, Samara to Saratov, sold for $978

Lot 386 Russia #1 1857 10k brown and blue Coat of Arms on Folded Letter, mailed in 1858 from Samara to Saratov (boxed receiver on back dated 12 February 1858), with two page letter inside written in cursive. The stamp has three large margins and the bottom is clear of the outer frameline. It is tied to the cover by a large double ring c.d.s. as well as a fairly light pen cancel. Opening tear on back has been neatly mended with stamp hinges, still very fine and a great example of Russia’s first stamp on cover. Scott CV$3,000, sold for C$850 plus buyer’s premium.

Lot 155, Canada 1983 “Stick ‘N Tic” test proofs and inverted die cut label, sold for $431

Lot 155 Canada #1-ST, 2-ST Lot of Three Scarce Stick ‘N Tic Items, with two different “Test Proofs”, the 1983 which Bileski describes as “one of 13 unused that exist in the world”, the 1984 is described as having had 24 pairs printed and “only 4 pairs were left undivided as enclosed.” Also an item which Bileski describes as “the supreme rarity” which is the 1984 label with inverted die cut, described as “inverted error, and only 8 examples exist.” Very fine lot, accompanied by a “Bileski Bi-Weekly Offer” which lists all of his Stick ‘N Tic items for sale. His retail for these three items was $400. Estimate $150, sold for C$375 plus buyer’s premium.