Lot 232, 1891 ten cent dark rose carmine SQ, used with variety, sold for $978

Lot 232Lot 232 Canada 1891-94 10c dark rose carmine, used with the pitted right “0” variety from plate position 21. Ideally cancelled with a socked on the nose Edmonton Alberta c.d.s. dated MAY.20.1894, just clear of the variety. Well centered with large margins, extremely fine. Accompanied by 2011 C.P.E.S. graded certificate (90J) identifying the shade as pink. (Unitrade 45v)

This stamp is the finest used example of this plate variety that we have seen, based on a combination of its physical attributes, including rich colour, lovely cancel and large margins.
Unitrade CV$250, sold for $850 plus buyer’s premium.

Lot 168, Canada 1890s six cent red brown SQ, mint VF NH, sold for $1380

Lot 168Lot 168 Canada 1890s 6c red brown Small Queen, mint, very well centered among large margins, full original gum, never hinged, fresh with deep colour and very fine. Accompanied by a 2009 Richard Gratton AIEP certificate. (Unitrade 43)
Unitrade CV$1,200, sold for $1,200 plus buyer’s premium.

Lot 229, Canada 1891-94 ten cent deep rose carmine SQ, VF mint hinged, sold for $1035

Lot 229Lot 229 Canada 1891-94 10c deep rose carmine, mint with full shiny gum, hinged, exceptionally well centered, with large margins and deep fresh colour. Very fine. Accompanied by 2005 Greene Foundation certificate and 2007 Philatelic Foundation graded certificate (XF 90). (Unitrade 45a var)
Unitrade CV$800, sold for $900 plus buyer’s premium.