Featured Item #11

Lot #1058 Tasmania 4 – Queen Victoria – 1d Dark Carmine Excellent brilliant colour on this item with unobtrusive grid cancel. Sound with four margins all clear of the design. Select item. (SG 14 CV £ 800) Sc:$1050

Ian says: "The classic stamps of Van Dieman’s Land (Tasmania) have very narrow margins. A completely sound stamp with all margins clear is quite scarce in this condition. The nearly clear Chalon portrait and deep colour make this an attractive addition to an advanced collection."

Featured Item #10

Lot #772 Canada #27 – Prince Albert – 10c Black on White Paper.

Spectacular imprint corner block of twelve. Single hinge mark in upper left encroaching on stamp with balance being never hinged. Few natural bends. Extremely scarce large multiple. Ex. Liectenstein, "Zurich" and Baillie. Unitrade $8520

Ian comments: "About 20 years ago I was on the floor of a prominent auction house when a block of four of the 10 cent Albert was called. The auctioneer informed the audience that perhaps as few as three blocks of four were known and that a block was the largest known multiple. Here we have a block of twelve. The Baillie sales had many impressive multiples and this is one. It would look spectacular on any album page."

Featured Item #9

Lot #1560 Germany – Bremen #14 – Coat of Arms – 10gr Black – Perf 13.0 x 13.0. Officially the last issue (in 1867) of the Free City of Bremen, which became integrated with the North German Confederation the following year. Typical centering else very fine in all respects with period usage "Bremen" straightline boxed cancel. Accompanied by 1983 Friedl photo certificate stating "…is in my opinion genuine. I have signed it. (Herbert Bloch)". (Mi 14 €1400) Sc:$1000

Ian remarks: "The stamps issued by the German States prior to unification include some of philately’s great classics. Finding the scarcer examples in top quality involves a lot of searching and sometimes disappointment. Here’s one you will be proud to put in your album."