Auction #5 Begins Today

Our Auction #5 begins today at 1:00pm EST with 698 lots of Canada and B.N.A. Tomorrow we will call British Commonwealth, Worldwide, and Postal History; Thursday is taken up with Lots and Collections.

If you are interested in bidding but haven’t begun the process, there is still lots of time to register with and place bids through their site, or join in the live bidding. You may also view the PDF catalogue pages you can find by following the link at the right. Print out a bidsheet, and fax it to us (or e-mail your bids to More detailed information on the bidding process can be read at our bidding page, also linked here.

Opening bids are constantly updated at Stamp Auction Network. Click the Openings button on the page for our auction. Please note that openings do not represent the eventual "selling price," but rather one increment over the second highest bid, and where there is a $2 opening (the standard starting amount) this indicates only that there is at most one bid on a lot.

All bidders are encouraged to check our Catalogue Corrections & Updates page for changes and clarifications of lot descriptions. Among other announcements there, we note that Lot 27 (Canada #17b) has been withdrawn, and lots 883 (South Georgia #17-30) and 884 (South Georgia #1-15) are to be identified in the order shown on Stamp Auction Network (they were reversed in the print catalogue).

Good Luck in the auction!

-Sparks Auctions
Ottawa, Canada