Lot 736, Tasmania #AR20R

Tasmania #AR20R, 1889 printing of 1863 2sh6d postal fiscal perf 11½ on gummed card stock with official REPRINT, block of 60 showing many misalignments of the cliche – note especially down the right margins. Very scarce in a large multiple, missing part of selvedge. Basic stamp without reprint has a CV of $650, totaling $39,000, never hinged, very fine (if very fine is possible with no margins). Est $550. See also Lots 737 (#AR22R) and 738 (#AR26R)

Lot 714, Great Britain #95

Great Britain 1883 6d in carmine on 6d violet Queen Victoria block of 40, from positions KI-KL to TI-TL, showing the "slanting dots" variety in positions MI, PJ and SJ, as well as the "left dot only" variety in position OI, fresh and mint never hinged with fine or better centering, positions TK-TL are faulty. It is understood that this issue was overprinted in a setting of 40 onto blocks of 40 stamps and, as such, this pane of 40 is the largest possible multiple (only 2 panes of 40 have been recorded). A lovely showpiece in lovely quality. It should be noted that the catalogue values quoted are for hinged only with never hinged worth a significant premium, and no premium for the varieties in the Scott value. (SG #162, 162a £23,950 = $47,900, not counting the "left dot only" variety). Scott CV $21,000