Lot 1511 — Canada 6 Pence Cover

Canada #5 1855 6d slate grey Consort imperf on wove paper, tied by #21 4-ring numeral cancel to outer sheet of folded letter paying the two-fold domestic letter rate from Montreal JA 30 1858 to Ottawa. The stamp has a nice fresh "silvery" shade with full margins on all sides. There are filing folds to the letter sheet, well away from the stamp. Very fine and attractive. Accompanied by 2007 Richard Gratton AIEP certificate. Estimate $2000.

Lot 1625 — Newfoundland 8 Pence Bisect Cover

Newfoundland #8a 1857 8d scarlet vermilion diagonal bisect, with enormous margins at top and left, nicely tied by barred oval handstamp on 1860 folded letter sheet from St. Johns with red "Paid" MR 28 1860 dispatch cds to Baltimore "pr Mail via Halifax" and with AP 9 "Boston Br. Pkt." cds in black, two vertical file folds do not affect the stamp. Extremely fine and a wonderful example of the 8d bisect used to pay the 4d stg. rate to the United States. Accompanied by 1979 BPA certificate. Unitrade CV$6,500.

Lot 1377 — Canada #1701a “Missing Moose”

Canada #1701a 2003 $5 "Missing Moose" Variety, a rare and very dramatic modern error discovered here in Ottawa, shortly after the stamp was issued in 2003. This single is from a pane distributed to a post office in Nova Scotia where the selvedge was removed from a group of about 10 panes and only after this was the error discovered. Removing the selvedge caused irregular perforation and a short thinned perf at lower right. Otherwise the stamp is very fine. Unitrade CV C$7,500.