Lot 771, Used Bermuda Collection

Bermuda #1/477, 1865-1985 Extensive used collection, on printed album pages, the country complete to 1985 except a few Queen Victoria and the keyplates of KGV and KGVI. Of the keyplates there are a few counted but most have fiscal cancels including KGV 12sh6d (3) and 10sh (Scott #96 and 97). We noted faults on #6, 12, 12a, 13 and also 69 which is stained. In cataloguing the collection we have not checked owner’s identification. A feature of the collection is the duplication of QEII low values with lovely cds cancels from different Post Offices (eg. one page has 14 of #465 all VF on piece with full strikes of the 14 different Post Offices). Also there are a few covers (1936 FDC, Paquebot, censored) and a few mint hinged and used at the end not counted. Overall (except as noted) the condition is very fine with extra value in different postmarks. The proceeds from the sale of this collection will go to the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Scott CV $5045