Hong Kong #216

1973 $10 QEII Annigoni on glazed paper, upright watermark, bottom margin single showing small portion of plate inscription, selected, fresh and never hinged, fine-very fine. A rare printing which is seldom offered and missing from even the most advanced Hong Kong collections. (SG 209d £2,250 = $4,500) Scott CV:$2250

Canada #1a Used

1851 3d orange red Beaver on laid paper, single from lower left corner of sheet showing full sheet margins on two sides, clear margin at top, and cut into frameline and just along design at right, with clear laid lines. This stamp is one of the most striking examples of Canada’s first stamp with tremendous visual appeal. There is a horizontal crease in the middle of the sheet margin at bottom, well clear of the actual stamp. Corner example of classic U.S. stamps have been selling at high multiples of similar “normal” stamps (i.e. 25 times higher). This specific corner stamp is very rare as we can only recall seeing 2 or 3 other corner examples with wide sheet margins. A lovely stamp. Est:$2500