Corrections & Updates


Last updated Monday, October 4th, 2016 at 8:00am EDT

LOT# Correction
Lot 41 This is actually Unitrade #14v “E Flaw” perf 12 x 11.75, CV$275 for fine-very fine.
Lot 86 Four stamps are affected by a crease, including the bottom corner.
Lot 109 Withdrawn
Lot 159 There is a light mark on forehead of the young Queen (not mentioned in accompanying Greene certificate).
Lot 176 Mint hinged (in selvedge), perf separation in selvedge above 2nd and 3rd stamps as well as between 3rd and 4th row stamps and selvedge.
Lot 192 Previously folded along perfs (and some perf separation).
Lot 229 Mint hinged (in selvedge).
Lot 236 Blocks are all mint hinged (in selvedge).
Lot 301 There is a light crease in the upper margin just into the design of the 5th stamp, top row, as well as a tiny flaw in the paper in the margin just at the top corner of the 5th stamp in bottom row. (These are both visible in the scan online.)
Lot 302 Pencil notation on back of selvedge, top left.
Lot 631 Please note also from the same British Africa Collection lots 674-676, 679-683, 685-689 and especially 1742-1744, 1759, 1913, 1928 and 1930.
Lot 756 Includes the 10sh high value. The catalogue range and CV$ are correct.
Lot 757 Includes the 10sh high value. The catalogue range and CV$ are correct.
Lot 770 Each stamp has a small cursive “Specimen” overprint.
Lot 829 Withdrawn
Lot 1189 Private post card with the precanceled 1c Leaf sent from St. Thomas to Berlin has two large file folds.
Lot 1355 21 covers to McCabe Brothers [not 210].
Lot 1742 This and lots 1743, 1744, 1759, 1913, 1928, and 1930 are from the British Africa Collection featured in Lot 631 etc.
Lot 1928 Includes #16.