Corrections & Updates


Last updated Tuesday, May 24th, 2016 at 5:00pm EDT

LOT# Correction
118 Mint lightly hinged
150 Perf separation, has been repaired.
161 Hinged in selvedge
164 Perf separation top center of selvedge with repair
178 Perf separation
185 This stamp (#113) is the 4c (not 7c).
188 Stamp with 60% lathework has become separated from selvedge.
247 Lower right stamp thinned at bottom
255 Perf separation
279 Not a matched set, just four plate blocks.
372 This is the more common Spiro forgery (not Sperati).
514 This is Yvert #3, CV €185.00 (not #1).
692 Two cent blue Edward (not Admiral)
717 Includes #CPR38E (not CPR35E).
935 An eight-page stockbook filled with Small Queens, close to 1000 stamps in all. Estimate C$150.
958 The block of 4 has pencil on gum.
1031 Tannu Tuva is missing.
1039 Description should begin: “Highly duplicated collection. Also there are essentially no first issue stamps and most, perhaps all, better items are forgeries or suspect overprints. Estimate is on the high side.”