Corrections & Updates


Last updated Tuesday, March 1st , 2016 at 5:00pm EST

LOT# Correction
2 Small closed tear in right margin.
56 Corner crease at lower right not mentioned in certificate.
60 One stamp with pencil notation on gum.
74 The crease has resulted in broken paper fibres.
77 This is #45a, rose carmine, CV$800.
98 Light gum bends.
114 Recut perfs at right.
133 Light gum loss due to hinge removal.
144 Small adhesion on gum of two left stamps.
162 Plate block of #106 has perf separations in selvedge and top row of stamps.
181 Left stamp has internal pressed-out creases.
198 Light corner crease and a few perfs with gum thins.
264 FB52 is included (NSB16 is not).
286 Corner crease on upper right stamp.
391 Reperforated at right and cancel was probably applied posthumously.
502 Withdrawn
503 Withdrawn
509 Reperforated on at least two sides
566 Withdrawn
583 Withdrawn
585 This is a defaced reprint proof from unadopted 1930 design (with 1930 year date in design).
591 Withdrawn
595 Withdrawn
597 Withdrawn
675 1 dinar has a scrape on the front (visible in scan).
686 Withdrawn
811 The stamp is almost certainly on Laid paper.
840 Offset on reverse, opened on three sides for display purposes.
841 Offset on front (not printed on back).
842 Surcharge printed on back (not on stamp).
899 Cancel date is Aug 16 1897 (not Jul 16; visible in scan).
901 Flag B (not Flag D)
962 Cover is U102a (not U101f).
964 This is U102a (not U101f).
1016 Five covers (not six).
1085 There are two lots numbered 1085 on Stamp Auction Network. The first lot (Christmas Greeting Postcard) is Lot 1084 and will be offered on the auction floor only without live SAN bidding. The second lot (World War II Cover Lot in Shoebox as shown) is the correct Lot 1085.
1094 1d postal stationery envelope is missing. There are actually six covers in the lot.
1109 Lot consists of covers from 1900s and on.
1208 & 1210 Lots are reversed in printed catalogue. Lot 1208 is hand painted postcards and lot 1210 is group of ten covers/cards.
1370 CV is U$1370 (not $13,958).
1489 #C1 block of six has perf separations.
1765 Withdrawn