Lot 86, Canada 1868 fifteen cent grey Large Queen with plate cracks, mint block of 15, sold for C$2,106

Lot 86 Canada #30, 30viii 1868 15c Grey Large Queen with Plate Cracks, a mint plate block of 15, with full original, never hinged gum. This block, which shows part of the imprint at lower right is from positions 71-75 / 91-95 and shows plate cracks in positions 81 and 91, plus a dramatic printing flaw behind the Queen’s neck in position 75. There is separation between the 3rd and 4th columns and there is a natural vertical gum skip mentioned strictly for accuracy, and the stamp in position 95 has faults, still a rare block. Accompanied by a 2018 Greene Foundation certificate. Rsv. $1,500. Estimate $2,000, sold for C$1,800.00 plus 17% buyer’s premium.