Lot 204, Canada Exhibit of 1908 Québec Tercentenary Issue, sold for C$1,111

Lot 204, Canada Exhibit of 1908 Québec Tercentenary Issue, sold for C$1,111Lot 204 Canada #96-103 Old Time Exhibit of the 1908 Québec Tercentenary Issue, all neatly mounted on 21 hand-coloured and drawn quadrille pages, this exhibit includes two introduction pages, a mint set, and the following mint denominations: ½c (two singles and two blocks), 1c (three singles and three blocks), 2c (two singles and two blocks), 5c (two singles and a block), 7c (two singles and a block), 10c (two singles and a block), 15c (two singles) and 20c (two singles and a block) followed by a page showing used vertical pairs of all denominations, a page showing used blocks of the first five denominations, three pages show six different official souvenir patriotic post cards (all mailed and franked with either a pair of ½c or a 1c), a page with fourteen used ½c (four singles, two Airs and a block of eight) with varieties and re-entries, a page with seventeen used 1c (all singles and a pair) showing shades, hairlines and many more varieties, a page with eighteen used 2c singles, showing many varieties, and finally two pages with sixteen used 2c, showing a variety of socked on the nose c.d.s. RPO postmarks. A lovely and valuable collection, accompanied by five certificates from the five shows where this was exhibited between 1940 and 1958. Rsv. Estimate $1,000, sold for C$950.00 plus 17% buyer’s premium.

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