Lot 846 — 1933 Newfoundland Balbo Flight with inverted surcharge, repaired

Lot 846Lot 846 Newfoundland #C18a 1933 75c bistre Balbo Flight with Inverted $4.50 Surcharge, mint hinged (regummed), from a block of four which was officially destroyed, then later expertly repaired. Accompanied by a 2013 Sismondo certificate explaining in detail this repair and stating in part “…from Position 3 in the block, was formed by rejoining two parts (a right and a left part); but the lower-left corner was added from another stamp since the lower left corner of the original error stamp is still attached to the (officially destroyed) stamp from Position 1 in the block, which still survives…”. A true world rarity despite its condition, and SG notes that four copies were repaired and four remain intact. Their valuation of a repaired copy is £20,000. Unitrade $50,000.

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