Introduction to Auction #8

We are pleased to introduce our eighth public auction, to take place over three days, June 21st, 22nd and 23rd, 2011.

Consignors have rewarded us with an overwhelming number of lovely stamps, collections, and carton lots. One result is that we can offer higher quality in our single lots and, as a consequence, more intact collections are offered than in previous auctions.

Lot 7 — Canada #2 used with target cancel

One consignor who entrusted us with his superb collection — Lot 7 is one example — did so as he believes Sparks Auctions is the best suited to ensure that future owners will enjoy and appreciate his treasures as much as he did.

The Canada and BNA sections are not only very close to complete by major Scott numbers but also from Victoria through George VI are reasonably complete for the varieties listed in the Unitrade Catalogue. The quality of these offerings is often outstanding. Many lots are rarities. In January 2009 we offered the discovery block of what is now listed as #270ii, this auction we offer the only known used single. Others offer intriguing quantities such as 172 of the possible 200 examples of #1359ii in 3 lots which together have the astounding catalogue value of $344,000. Browsing through our Canada and BNA section is more fun than reading a Neiman-Marcus catalogue.

Our British Commonwealth is strong and anchored by a wonderful Great Britain collection (and more parts of this collection can be found with the lots and collections section).

The worldwide section has strong USA, France, Germany and Offices/Colonies, and extensive North Vietnam. Individual rarities from Lombardy-Venetia, France, Spain, and Thailand will fill gaps in advanced collections. All the sections of this auction offering single stamps are stronger in quality and rarity than was found in our previous auctions.

The offerings of postal history as single covers, smaller lots, and the many cartons of covers range from the year 1459 (with Venetian Guild Mark) to modern day. Among the valuable single covers are Canada #10, 1918 flown registered envelope, two bisects of Nova Scotia, a Nova Scotia shilling and three one penny stamps to Australia and scarce Newfoundland including a Columbia flight cover. A broad range of Canada and worldwide are found in the cartons. Forty-nine lots of literature offer many out of print reference works.

Our lots and collections section is the most extensive by number of lots, variety, and especially bulk. Many valuable collections are found in the boxes of large envelopes and in seven bookcases filled with albums. From the point of view of bulk it is the 361 cartons (mostly bankers boxes) which physically dominate the auction.

Some 2700 scans are found in the image gallery on our website (sparks which is about three times the number in the catalogue. We will have extended viewing hours to accommodate viewers in this auction.

We hope you enjoy viewing this sale as much as we have enjoyed assembling and describing it.