Lots 119 & 121, Canada #40a (magenta) and #40c (dull rose lilac) 10¢ Small Queens

Two Small Queens, both Very Fine, one mint in magenta and one used in dull rose lilac:

Canada #40a, 1880 10¢ magenta Small Queen, a fresh stamp with nice colour, never hinged, fine-very fine. A very scarce stamp with fresh full original gum and especially in this pristine condition. We cannot recall the last time a never hinged example of this stamp was offered. CV Unitrade $2875

Canada #40c, 1877 10¢ dull rose lilac Small Queen, perf 11½x 12, a lovely stamp with an ideal strike in blue of Baden, Ont FE.25.1877 cds cancel, a reasonably early date, very fine, CV Unitrade $300