Auction #2 Complete

We have finished calling Sessions 5 and 6 today. The number of lots we attempted in the scheduled time was perhaps more ambitious than the speed of bidding allows, and we thank all of our bidders (in person, on the telephone, and on the net) for their patience as we completed yesterday’s bidding after 11:30pm and today’s sessions at 9pm. The results, however, were very satisfying and we will be detailing some of the better realizations in the coming days.

Winning bidders should allow us some time on Monday to organize lots and prepare for shipping. For the moment, prices realized on Stamp Auction Network (link on the right) will give you a good idea of how you fared in the sale. We will contact you with your results either by e-mail or telephone as we organize the mailing. Local Ottawa pick-ups should wait at least until Tuesday, and call us to make sure we have your material ready.

Thanks to all of our bidders for a very successful auction!