Featured Item #3

Lot 2061 Canada – 1947 “Salved from the Sea” Disaster Cover.

A truly magnificent, eye-appealing cover. The lot includes details as presented when this item was presented in philatelic exhibit, as follows: “A cover from the wreck of RMS Nascopie. She struck an uncharted reef during a storm on 22 July, all of the 54 passengers and crew were rescued but the ship was abandoned that day. Some of the mail was saved on 22 July, with more being recovered on 23 July. As were most such letters, this was marked, at Churchill Manitoba, with a rubber stamp bearing the words: SALVED FROM THE SEA. The cover was then postmarked with EAP oval cachet. This oval hammer was only used, in violet, from 1 August to 11 August 1947. The exhibit below is the first day of use of a very short-lived cancellation on a rare cover.” Obviously this item still warrants showpiece contention. Est. $500

Ian notes: “Most covers which have a ‘wow’ factor have rare stamps in exceptional quality. In the case of this envelope, it is the illustration which evokes the superlative.”