Conditions of Use

By placing an auction bid or a Books order on our website, you are entering into a legal arrangement with Sparks Auctions, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Privacy & Security

Your privacy and security are very important to us. Customer information stored on our site is encrypted and accessed only via secure pages. Sparks Auctions does NOT share, sell, or disclose any of the information you submit on- or off-line, including e-mail addresses or other personal information.

We use MailChimp to manage our own e-mail lists for subscribed auction & BNAPS customers only. We are the only account that is authorized to use our mailing list, so you won’t get spam. We don’t include document attachments on the messages, so you will be doubly protected against viruses or other damaging files.

Create (or use your existing) account on Stamp Auction Network and choose us. Our mailing list will provide you with notice of upcoming auctions, featured items from our next sale and highlighted realizations from previous auctions. You may remove yourself at any time using the link at the bottom of every MailChimp announcement. You may also decline to receive update emails about your auction bidding status by logging in to Stamp Auction Network, going to Update Registration, Clicking our name under “North American Auctions” in the left column, and checking “Please do not send me email about upcoming auctions.” Or simply contact us and we will update your settings as you wish.

While we confirm the membership status of BNAPS members who request the 40% Books discount, we do not share or communicate any information about your purchases with the British North America Philatelic Society.


Please do not send us unsolicited images as e-mail attachments. Contact us first and we will provide a means for transmitting such large files.

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