Notes on Descriptions for Squared Circle Cancellations

Strikes will be regarded as dispatch usage unless otherwise noted. All covers will be regarded as regular (#8) size, unless otherwise noted.

Dates and other information such as rarity factors have been taken from the Fifth Edition (2001) of the Squared Circle Cancellations of Canada, a handbook of the British North America Philatelic Society Ltd. by the Squared Circle Study Group, edited by (the late) John S. Gordon. Available through Sparks Auctions, and referred to in this catalogue as “the Handbook.”

Many of the covers and cards still have their original purchase prices, as well as sometimes provenance notes in light pencil, which we have left intact.

Symbols used to denote what is included in a lot are: O = on stamp or piece, Cvr = on cover, and PC = on post card.

Squared circle postmark descriptions will be qualified as fine (partial impressions), very fine (full impressions), etc in the description of the postmark ex. “A fine strike”. We have sometimes added a qualifier such as light or very light when required. Impressions on stamp have been described as socked on the nose if well centered, or a percentage (%) if partial, and in some cases a description of the legible letters has been added. The qualifier at the end of a description (before the rarity factor) will be for the covers, post cards, stamps or lots themselves. Faults are only described if immediately obvious (such as fronts only, or large tears, etc.) as the emphasis of our descriptions is on the postmarks. Viewing is recommended.

Except in rare circumstances, we have refrained from using terms such as rare or scarce and instead use the published rarity factors (RF). Because of recent unavailability of many of these items, we believe these rarity factors to be sometimes lower than what the recent market has to offer

When counting the number of stamps in a lot, the multiples (pairs, etc) were counted as one.

A dash “-” in the RF section is used when the RF given in the handbook refers to another time mark than the one being described. For example, RF 7.5 given for Paris Ont is for time mark B only, and would not be used if a lot contains other time marks.

All other Terms and Conditions apply as usual.

-Stéphane Cloutier

The Postal History Society of Canada will soon be adding to its growing list of online postmark databases a new Squared Circle postmark database. The new information contained in this sale will be included, and the PHSC is seeking the help of collectors to add any new information not contained in the Handbook. Please contact to participate in this ground-breaking project. All information in these online postmark databases is constantly kept up to date by dedicated specialists and the collaboration of all collectors is always welcome.